Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday thoughts

Now I can sit down and write. There are loads of stuff that are happening right now. In the world, but also in my life. I have started university again. My fourth semester. I have two more before I will receive my bachelor degree in public administration. It is 20 days today until I get married. Lovely, but lots to do. We are almost done with the planning, so just remain to execute everything.
I'm really looking forward to the 6th October when Linda and I are getting married and all the plannings are behind. To be able to focus on other things instead.
I try to run as well. This last Tuesday I ran 10,000 meters. It was 25 laps around Slottsskogsvallen. With no much training I was really satisfied with my time. I got 45min and 15s. Check the link for more details.

You can really see that the church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) have got more attention. The main reason because of Mitt Romney's candidacy to be the president of the United States. Discussions and arguments can be very stormy. Much rubbish that are flying. It can be hard out there. I am clear about where I stand. I have a testimony that the church is the church of Jesus Christ. I enjoy to read from the Book of Mormon and to get inspired of its teaching. I don't know everything, but I have a hope and a faith that gives me comfort and strength in my daily life. If this church would cease, which I really doubt, I would still follow the principles and teachings. I haven't followed the president campaigns, but it will be interesting to see if we will have a mormon president the coming years in the United States.  


Mitt Romney 

See the links for sources

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Blog under construction

It has been months since I wrote something on this blog. I haven't had much motivation to write. Another thing is I haven't run much, so I haven't had much running to write about.
Lots of things have happened these last months. I'm engaged since 6 June. The wedding will take place in Stockholm temple 6 October. There are loads of stuff you have to plan and prepare for. Clothes, reception, wedding dinner, place to have your first night as married and so forth.
This summer has been very different, I tell you, but lovely. I can't wait to marry the girl I love above anything else.

I have had thoughts what I will do with this blog. Thoughts to delete it, but also to write about other stuff.
One thought that came to my mind was about missionary work. I can write about the gospel and share my beliefs and thoughts. Also write about things that comes to my mind which make me think.

I think I will give another try with this blog and see if I can keep it alive and have post that can have some kind of interest than just some boring posts.

// Kim

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A post

It has been a while since I wrote. Things have happened and haven't had time to write or to be really honest, I haven't had motivation to write. 
Things I can say have happened are that I have got an apartment in Västra Frölunda Map over the place, it is less than two months to Göteborgsvarvet, so I better start running more. Ran two days ago and have a hurting knee. I had a cold before that. So I hope everything will be okay so I can train fully next week. 
Everything is well with me. I will see if I will be better to post, doesn't seem like it now.

Everyone of you take care!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A new year and new possibilities

It has been a while ago I wrote. One reason is because I haven't been running. Well.. I'm still alive and are enjoying life. Celebrated Christmas, new year, be with family and friends, church activities and spending time with my girlfriend.

I have now run (finally :) ) for the first time this year. 15 km. 1 h, 21 min. The link is if you want to see more details. It was nice to come out and run after a looong break. The evidence was that I was pretty sore in both my legs when I came back to the club house. Sore for 3 days. I plan to run next Thursday as well.
Have stuff to do. Am studying, had a test in law yesterday, have church callings, running, time to spend with family, friends and girlfriend. I like to have stuff going on.

This will just be a short post. Starting small ;)


Thursday, November 17, 2011

A new post has come :)

Has been a while now since I updated the blog. One thing is that I haven't run much. I try now, when it is cold, to run at least once a week. It is hard to find motiviation in this period, when you need more clothes on and freeze. That's why Solvikingarna is good to have. You are not alone when you run and because of that, more motivation to run. I have run twice since last blog post. A Monday and Tuesday training. 1st and 7th November.

The first training was hill running. We ran up for a hill about ten times. The focus wasn't on pace, but on our feet and legs. In other words, more focus on technique. I was tired afterwards, but felt wonderful. The feeling to do something you love.
The Monday training was more chill. The training is more intense on Tuesdays than on Mondays. We did short intervals on the 8k round. Slow run, rush, slow run, rush and so forth. The training are more chill now when it is getting colder. Both my training finished with sauna. One of the reasons I like to run with my club. :)
Played floorball (Innebandy in Swedish) yesterday with my ward (congregation). I got tired fast, but it was nice.

My life is rolling on. Done in January with my first year at University of Gothenburg. Two more years to go. I like it, much reading, but it is interesting and I feel I have chosen  right. Law the rest of the term/semester and economy next.

It has been a lot of activities in the church. Last weekend we had a YSA weekend in Stockholm, called Soulnite. Funk and soul theme with some disco. We had two dances, Friday and Saturday evening, and activities during the day on Saturday and a sacrament meeting, with testimonies, on Sunday. It was a wonderful weekend, very spiritually. Visited Stockholm temple too. Three days that I spent with my wonderful girlfriend.

Well... I'm alive and will try to run. Have also other things in my life, so I can be busy if I want to. ;)


Thursday, October 27, 2011

6 October

Over a month since I wrote a post. Haven't had motivation to write to be honest and have had other things to do. Most of you who read this blog now some stuff I have done and happen since last post.
Most happened on Thursday 6 October. It was the day my younger brother went on his mission. Minnesota Minneapolis Mission. He just arrived from the MTC to Minnesota. He really enjoy being on a mission and is looking forward to work in the mission field.
Same day, Steve Jobs passed away. Not that I am an Apple fan, but he has done big changes.
A third thing happened that day as well. My relationship status changed  from "single" to "in a relationship".
Three weeks from today.

I have run but not very much. Been about once a week. Usually on Thursdays at Skatås. The club have long distance training that day. Have been running in the 5 min/km group. Now I just try to keep me in good shape instead of improve my times. Will wait until next year, when the weather will be better. Rain and cold winds are not my favorite weather to run in. We have a sauna in the club house, so I can warm me up if I get too cold. :)

How a sauna can look like
I have loads in school as well. I will get a "home exam" this Friday and have until next Friday to finish it.
Next course will be tough. We are expected to read all literature at least once. Roughly 155 pages a week.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wonderful week

Last week was a really good week.
Four lectures and preparations for the seminar I had yesterday.
I also went on a date in Göteborg, watched Rise of the planet of the apes and had a great time. Good movie and a good day.

I didn't run in Skatås, but ran Lunnarundan. Last time I ran it was before Göteborgsvarvet. I thought I would get a time between 43 and 45 min. I kept a good pace and realized I could get a better time. When I stopped my watch it said 40 min 46 s. Season best! 4:27 min/km. I had my Forerunner 305. 9,15 km it said.

It was also a wonderful week spiritually. First a chill night in the YSA centre in Göteborg with Japanese theme. We made sushi, first time ever I tried it. Neither disgusting or tasty. The evening ended up with a anime movie. Then a fireside on Sunday with Elder and Sister Oaks as speakers.

That was a short summary for last week.

I have run once and had the seminar so far this week. I didn't have any expectations, but felt it could gone better. Tough to defend something you don't support. The best thing is to take the good things and things you can improve on and use it in the next seminar or task.

The running in Skatås was great. The rain was kind and waited until we were done. We ran in the forest, real cross country. I was glad that I had my long legged running trousers.
I think to run in Skatås on Thursday and home on Saturday. Three times this week would be fantastic.

Run well!